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The Salamander Festival is Coming!

Saturday, January 28, 2016 from 2:30 to 5:30 P.M.

Homewood Senior Center, 816 Oak Grove Road, Homewood, AL

Spotted salamanders come out only once a year, on a warm rainy night. The rest of the year, they live in the ground in burrows. They live in a rich forest habitat most of their lives, but need a wetland pool to mate and breed in.

This is Friends of Shades Creek’s 12th year to host the Salamander Festival.


Spotted salamanders spend nearly their entire lives underground living in forest burrows. They come out once a year to mate and lay their eggs in a vernal pool (a wetland pool that dries up in the summer). Spotted salamanders need habitat in a forest and in wetland pools. Spotted salamanders are harmless, cute and cool. At the salamander festival you will learn more about different kinds of salamanders from biologists at the festival. You can also learn about frogs, turtles, fish, birds and other animals!


2:00 P.M. Before the festival begins – Nature hike at Patriot Park

2:30 P.M. films from the 2016 Southern Exposure Film Festival begin.
“Waste Not Want Not” directed by Scott Schimmel – Recycling has proven to be a vital and growing business model that is creating jobs and raising       revenue statewide.
“Herald of the Sea” directed by Celine Schmidt – How oysters play a crucial role in our waters to protect shorelines and water resources.
“What a Waste” directed by Cai Thomas – Aging infrastructure in Alabama often leads to untreated watewater being dumped in places where                   families swim, paddle and fish. How can citizens take action?
3:00 Salamander, plants, crafts and other displays are open to visitors
At the festival, you can check out cool displays about ancient tracks and fossils, see native plants, see what lives in dirt under a microscope, make free crafts and have some chocolate strawberries, crackers and pretzels at the chocolate fountain. ($1.00 for a plate)

At 3:45, see a presentation about our amazing native birds from the Oak Mountain Wildlife Center

4:00 is when we do a welcome from Friends of Shades Creek and the City of Homewood and give out awards

4:15 is when we tell about the salamander migration and

4:30 Dance Presentation  and listen to the Herb Trotman Band play Bluegrass music There is lots more going on at the Salamander Festival and it is free to get in. Print the attached poster and tell your friends and JOIN US AT THE SALAMANDER FESTIVAL!