We are in another important social distancing week and I hope you weathered the storms last night OK. Our message today is, that springtime beauty surrounds us with flowers and newly green trees, even when the world around us is very chaotic. So, look for beauty, enjoy it, give your heartbreak and worry a chance to heal a bit. Attached below, you will find a page with flowers blooming now in our area. All photographs were taken by us in the past week to week and a half. Check off the boxes, when you see these pretty proclaimers of spring. If you can’t get out because of having to work extra hours due to covid-19, first of all thank you, and then check them off if you have seen them in previous years. All flower photos were taken on hiking trips to one of these three preserves or parks: SpringFlowers-sm2020

Homewood Forest Preserve (A nice 1 mile loop trail near Homewood High School and next to Shades Creek):

Oak Mountain State Park (With many miles of hiking trails and still open for visitors) has a nice, 3 mile, scenic loop trail, called the “Lake Trail” which starts and ends at the South Trail head. Longer trails are available, also.)

Tannehill State Park (is open) with hiking and biking trails (Mud Creek, a tributary of Shades Creek runs through the park). A map of the trails is attached.

I am also attaching some podcasts from “American Rivers” called: We are Rivers. The group, “American Rivers” is based in the U.S. southwest, but their message applies also to rivers here in Alabama. Their message: Rivers contribute to the national economy, provide drinking water to communities, are transportation corridors for both people and animals, sustain many wildlife, and bring scenic views and life to communities. It is important that we protect our Alabama and all rivers.   (There are two podcasts for you, the first a Preview only about 5 minutes, the second one, 10 minutes. Open the podcast and click on “Soundcloud” in the upper right hand corner)