October 10, 2019 Presentation:

Everyone deserves clean and healthy air! – by Kirsten Bryant, GASP

Gasp believes everyone deserves clean and healthy air regardless of their zipcode. Poor air quality can impact our health, especially the most vulnerable among us. Led by Kirsten Bryant, Outreach Director for Gasp, come learn and discuss what is in the air we breathe, obstacles to cleaning it up and how you can get involved to help in the effort.

For a greener, healthier world, all of us should treat our air and water as the precious life-giving resources they are, not as dumping grounds for our waste. The Clean Air Act, signed by President Richard Nixon (Republican) on December 31, 1970 was to foster the growth of a strong American economy and industry while improving human health and the environment. Kirsten will talk about air quality in our area and how air quality in some zipcodes has been compromised.

Our Meetings: Friends of Shades Creek meet on the 2nd Thursday of the month at Homewood Library, Room 101 (downstairs) for informational and educational presentations. Meeting time is 7:00 P.M. We do not meet in summer months of June and July. Our December meeting is a holiday party, taking place in a different venue. It has also, become a tradition to have our May meeting at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens for a walk and special program on the 1st Thursday.

Friends of Shades Creek programs are free and open to the public. We welcome all to attend. The meeting format begins with refreshments, introductions and announcements and then the presentation, which runs  45-60 minutes long, leaving 10-20 minutes for Q & A. The meeting ends at 8:45 P.M.



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