Professor Ken Marion at the University of Alabama at Birmingham talks about salamanders.
Link to video: All about salamanders with Dr. Ken Marion

Dr. Ken Marion and his collection of salamanders are always a delight for visitors to the Cahaba River Fry-Down. Dr. Marion is the former Chair of Biology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and his research interests have focused on the natural history of various reptiles, amphibians, and fish, with particular emphasis on human impacts on these species. Enjoy Dr. Marion’s presentation about these fascinating but seldom-seen creatures for the Virtual 2020 Fry-Down! Learn more about the Cahaba River Fry-Down at Learn more about Friends of Shades Creek at


Homewood Forest Preserve:  Spotted Salamanders living in Homewood, Alabama


Shades Creek Salamanders with Henry Hughes and Michelle Blackwood at Homewood Forest Preserve


Spotted Salamanders in Homewood, Alabama – Video


In the Northeast, USA: “Nature Freaks” find salamanders
Come along for their journey and learn more about these amazing animals that only come out once a year.
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