Shades Creek | Birmingham, Alabama

Water is Life: Riparian Forests with Henry Hughes and Michelle Blackwood (Friends of Shades Creek)

There are many ways to protect a watershed, but one of the most effective ways is to protect the forest that surrounds it, known as a riparian forest.  Friends of Shades Creek began in 1998 with a campaign to protect a portion of the forest on the north slope of Shades Mountain, bounded at the base by the original channel of Shades Creek. This became the 65-acre Homewood Forest Preserve, under the permanent protection of the Fresh Water Land Trust.  Join us Tuesday as we hear from long time volunteer leaders Michelle Blackwood and Henry Hughes about the innovative and persistent efforts of the Friends of Shades Creek to protect and restore their watershed. From the use of native tree seedlings propagated by the Birmingham Botanical Gardens to coordinating dozens of volunteers, their story is truly inspiring!

Water is Life Video Conference Link with Alabama Rivers Alliance and Friends of Shades Creek