Friends of Shades Creek

is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in central Alabama, U.S.A. Our group is made up of local citizens working for the protection of, and responsible development along beautiful Shades Creek. We started in August 1998. Our mission is to educate and engage the community in the preservation efforts of Shades Creek. We are supported by memberships and donations.

Shades Creek Watershed Plan >Click here

Thank you to our members and donors in 2023.

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>2022 Salamander Migration Notes:


Native Forest Trees
of Alabama

Henry’s presentation identifies natural groupings and ecological characteristics of Alabama’s common native trees. He refers to species growing uniquely in particular locations within Birmingham’s forested watersheds, some remotely, but others very accessibly in our historic parks.  November 2023 Native Forest Trees link is here.

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Antarctica Research at the Bottom of the Earth

Maggie Amsler, UAB Department of Biology researcher has made over 30 trips to Antarctica and over 500 Antarctica research dives. She researches Antarctica chemical ecology, ocean acidification and krill, which are a small, cold-water relative of crayfish and is the basis of the Antarctica oceanic food web.
October 2023 Antarctica presentation link is here.


Shades Creek book
(Lakeshore Drive in 1914)

Did you know Lakeshore Drive in the years around 1914 was envisioned to be part of a speedway like the Indianapolis Speedway? “Shades Creek: Flowing Through Time,” written by The Birmingham Historical Society tells this story and more with over 365 photos and 216 pages including the above photo and story. Books are still available for only $30. Above photo is from the Alvin Hudson Collection, BPL Archives.
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Shades Creek | Birmingham, Alabama
Shades Creek Watershed Management Plan

The Management Plan is here! Shades Creek is beautiful, yet has challenges caused by urban runoff. The Nature Conservancy in Alabama (TNC) has taken leadership to develop a watershed plan to restore the Creek. The Shades Creek Watershed Management Plan uses EPA’s 9-step watershed planning process.
>Slides from the first stakeholder meeting in 2020.

2021 Shades Creek Fall Cleanup and Restoration Projects

The Fall 2021 Shades Creek Cleanup was held in person with small groups of time staggered volunteers, for social distancing. Thank you to everyone that helped with our creek cleanup, restoration projects and other activities. We had 140 people helping this year.
>Fall Cleanup photos for November 2021 – And more Clean-up photos:

>Mr. Shadey is telling us a lot about trash in Shades Creek – Find out more here:


Shades Creek Restoration

Learn about “live stakes” for restoration with Paul Freeman, which trees to plant for riparian restoration areas with forester, Henry Hughes and more.  Zoom meeting was on 1-13-2022. YouTube video available: