Welcome from Mayor of Homewood, Patrick McClusky

Welcome and a message from our festival sponsor: Goodwyn Mills Cawood (GMC) Architecture and Engineering and the Shades Creek Watershed Management Plan


◆ The Fascinating World Of Salamanders ◆


Linda Neighbors tells the Salamander Story (The Sal and Mandy story – all ages)

Alabama Salamanders with Jimmy Stiles and Lauren Muncher

The Middle Way, a story by Elizabeth Vander Kamp

Professor Ken Marion displays UAB Department of Biology salamanders


The Red Hills Salamander – Only in Alabama – with Kristin Bakkegard, PhD.
Department of biological and Environmental Sciences, Samford University


◆ The Environment We Live In ◆


Native Pine Trees of Central Alabama

Upland Oak Species at Ruffner Mountain

Homewood High School Environmental Club

The Cahaba Lily – Video: (5:42)

Ben Raines on “Saving America’s Amazon: The threat to our nation’s most biodiverse river system”

◆ Shades Creek, Cahaba Watershed & Our Environment ◆


Spider Lily or Cahaba Lily? Don’t take home Cahaba Lilies! They only grow in swift running water -spider Lilies will grow in your yard.

McDowell Farm School Director, Scotty Feltman shows in depth information on Composting

McDowell Farm School Director, Scotty Feltman shows in depth information on Cover Crops

Birmingham to the Gulf – Dams in Alabama have caused a mass extinctions in Alabama rivers

BREAKING NEWS! Letter from Mitch Reed at the Nature Conservancy, January 22, 2021 – CLICK HERE!

◆ Art & Activities ◆


Make a Fish Picture – Click here for a supply list!

Make a Turtle Craft – Click here for a supply list!

Pop Salamander Art – Homewood Middle School Art Students

Click here for Pop Art Salamanders!

Edgewood Elementary Art Project

Southern Studfish Coloring Page – Click here!

Blue Eyes Grass Flower Coloring Page – Click here!

Cave Salamander – Click here!

Gyotaku Fish Printing Demonstration by Jim Brown – Click here (Facebook)


◆ Other Critters ◆

What’s the BIGGEST fish caught in Alabama? Hint: It was caught in the Cahaba Watershed

Lassoing the Redhorse (fish)

How do Fish Communicate?

What’s Your Favorite Fish in the River?

◆ History of Shades Valley ◆


Shades Creek Greenway Extension

The Culvert at Ross Bridge – Rediscovery and its history

Sims Garden

◆ Low Impact Development ◆

Sponsored by Goodwyn Mills Cawood (GMC)

LID Basics

Rescued & Renewed

Culture & Community


◆ Partnerships ◆


Cahaba River Society
Homewood High School – Environmental Club
Homewood High School – Technology Dept.
Homewood Middle School
Edgewood Elementary School
Big Canoe Creek
Ruffner Mountain
Cahaba Riverkeeper
The Nature Conservancy
Alabama Rivers Alliance
Birmingham Botanical Gardens
McDowell Farm School